Along with the increased use of alternative, petrol automotive fuels like the LPG, we are one of the pioneer companies which provide approved, fully tested LPG equipment to our clients. The experience we have, allow us to be more flexible to our client’s requirements.


Based on our experience, we can offer design services and solutions for any customer needs.

Preassembled units:

Our preassembled and certified LPG units make the site installation much quicker and easier. All the necessary for operation, auxiliary equipment like pumps, motor drives, gauges, valves etc. are attached to the tank right at the factory, decreasing tank’s commissioning time with up to 40%.

Non-standard tank dimensions:

Being the only producer of dished ends in Bulgaria, Himmash is capable of producing any size of tank, requested from a client.

  • No diameter restrictions;
  • No length restrictions;
  • No operating position restrictions (horizontal or vertical);
  • Underground / above-ground installation.

Production capabilities:

Continuous production of large quantities of tanks for a limited period of time. The large production area available (70 000 m2) allows us to organize an independent production line for various tanks, without affecting the remaining projects that we are working on.

Erection / Warranty and after warranty period service and maintenance:

Providing full range of erection services, by working with sub-suppliers and representative partners we successfully work with clients in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Greece.