Another major field of activity for Himmash is production of LPG storage tanks. The constantly growing LPG market in most of the Balkan countries demands high-volume LPG storage yards for distribution of the fuel. Pictured below are three of the last projects we completed, all of them using LPG storage tanks with volume of 400 m3. The total storage capacity of these yards is more than 12 000 tons of LPG. Himmash did the design, material procurement, prefabrication, assembly, welding, painting and transport. Himmash also took part of the site installation and commissioning.

The company’s LPG tanks production range starts from small 0,3 m3 units for home use, through tanks for petrol and gas filling stations (5 to 30 m3) and up to 50÷500 m3 per unit, intended for storage yards. Together with the design and production of our largest tanks, Himmash can also provide transport solutions to its customers, using both road and sea transport to the installation site.