We have once again proven our shop capabilities, by producing more than 1200 tons of Equipment for just 5 months. The Equipment was completed and delivered to one of the major ports in Bulgaria.

The project, completed by Himmash was the design, production and delivery of 26 Sandfilters and 2 Activated Carbon Filters for a Client in Pennsylvania, USA. The diameter of the filters was 4,5 meters and the height – 10 meters, with weight of 40 tons each. Both the design and the production of the Equipment were executed according to the requirements of ASME Section VIII, Division 1 + the specific Rules and Regulation of Pennsylvania state.
Because of the location of the End Customer, Himmash applied for and receive certification of a National Board Stamp (NB) giving us the right to register the Filters for opearation on the territory of the USA.
In addition to the various types of Filters, Himmash also produces liquid metal ladles, smelting pots, stationary and rotating furnices and all the related equipment.